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Savour the adventure.

Farms, vineyards, orchards, nurseries and u-picks across South-Eastern New Brunswick are opening their fences, gates & doors, welcoming you & your family to visit and experience the plentiful bounty and natural beauty growing in our region.

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Relax, taste, sip, explore.

South-East NB’s rolling hills, open fields and seaside views and are the perfect setting for memorable agri-tourism adventures.

Whether you’re looking for an authentic farming experience or a beautiful setting to spend a summer day, NB’s growing number of AgroExperiences are sure to please.

The best of both worlds

AgroExperiences is brought to you in the spirit of Agritourism, the intersection of agriculture and tourism, a mix of growers, markets, people, livestock and the culture of growing food, guaranteed to surprise and delight.

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A natural way to spend a day

From our bountiful farms to our lush vineyards, from our fragrant orchards to our fresh berry fields, and from our heritage homes to our life-sustaining nurseries, we offer an authentic way to live an AgroExperience.

Bring the whole family

Check out our list of Agro-Experiences and choose from a variety of fresh, local agri-tourism adventures for the whole family.